You can make the difference. Dance is so important and valuable for your child's life !

"The art of dance uses movement to communicate meaning about the human experience. It is far more than exercise or entertainment. It is a powerful medium to express one's values, thoughts, and aspirations about the lives we live and the world in which we live."

National Dance Education Organization


Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the importance of Dance in Early Childhood Education. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. And most of all dance with your children, dance with your students :)!

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If you would like to donate I support NDEO (National Dance Education Organization). One of NDEO’s primary goals is to strengthen the national voice and vision for dance by advocating for dance education centered in the arts. As the largest dance education membership organization in the country, they are working to establish a national perception of dance as a vital and accessible art form, and of dance education as a necessary component of education for all children. 

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