Some people in your life make the difference. These people are the ones you trust, the ones you love, the ones that share the same ideals. My partners strongly believe that the Arts are crucial in Education and in Life in general. They work on a daily basis to help their students develop their creativity and a open artistic mindset. These partners are so important to me and we accomplish so much together that I just would like to thank them on this page.

Jean-Baptiste Cochereau, French Preschool Teacher

I met Jean-Baptiste in a teachers’ workshop in San Diego in 2012. We exchanged about our passion for dance and decided to start a yearly inter-school collaborative dance project between our 2 pre-Kindergarten classes. More than a colleague Jean-Baptiste has become a real friend and we work closely together to advocate for Dance at school. 

Marie Meloty-Kapella, French Assistant Teacher

Marie was my assistant at school when I arrived in California in 2011. She always supported me in my dance adventures. Marie gave me advices for the shows, took care of our little dancers, encouraged them, congratulated them and did not hesitate to move, sing and dance in class with the children: a wonderful example for taking action! Marie is now retired but she was such a wonderful partner in this adventure that she will stay on this page forever!

Sevinj Nuriyeva, French Assistant Teacher

Sevinj started to work with me in august 2018. She’s such a enthusiastic and giving person that she immediately embraced our dance project. She encourages our students to express their creativity, she always reassures them and guides them with love. She is another great example of taking action in class always doing it with a smile on her face!

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff, Expression teacher, Life/Art coach and Founder/Director of Hao Expression

I was lucky to meet Hao in the summer 2017. It was a pleasure to learn about her work at her studio Hao Expression.

We talked a lot about our vision of arts, the place of Dance in Education. Hao’s perspective on arts is a real creative one. She helps her students to find inner resources (emotion and imaginary) to express themselves creatively and artistically on stage and in life.

Hao has become another great partner in my dance journey. 

I have been teaching at Hao Expression studio since September 2017.


Matthieu Roques, Artist Musician, Music Teacher

My husband Matthieu is of course my first partner in this journey. I met him many years ago when I was trying to decide whether or not I should stop teaching in preschools to teach dance. It was a difficult decision to make. It took me some time but I finally decided I could do both and it worked pretty well.

When in California he was the one that had to choose what professional life he wanted to pursue. Matthieu decided for the good that the Arts and especially Music should at last take over his life. He had been a guitar player for many years and wanted to teach music. He came back to college, studied Music Theory, Music History and more. He now teaches private music classes full time, volunteers as a music docent in a hospital and continues to study. I feel lucky to have a partner in life that shares my passion for Creative Arts and can not wait to start a real professional collaboration with him exploring with the children the dialogue and interaction between dance and music.