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I am C├ęcile Roques, a French preschool teacher, Creative Dance teacher and mom of a 4 year-old little girl. I have been living and working in the US since august 2011. 

I currently teach within a pre-kindergarten French program at an international school in California. I benefit from a 15-year experience in Early Childhood Education, combined with a passion for Creative Arts in general and Dance in particular. I have been practicing jazz, ballet and modern for many years. I teach Creative Dance at school and started to teach in a private studio in September 2017. 


MY experience in dancing with CHILDREN

Ten years ago, while I was teaching underprivileged children in Paris, I began to use creative dance as an educational tool. When I came to teach in California, I started developing a creative dance curriculum for my class as well as organizing dance-related collaborative projects with my colleagues. I ardently believe that the arts are essential to a well-rounded education; that dance especially has a powerful part to play in Early Childhood Education. 


my perspective on creative dance

Creative Dance is an improvisation-based dance that focuses on free expression within a framework given by the teacher. Creative Dance enables children to discover their inner ability to express ideas, thoughts and feelings. It helps develop their creativity, confidence, self-expression and problem-solving skills. I believe in kindness and the respect of each and every child as a whole. I do my best to create a safe place for children to improvise, choreograph and express their imagination through fun and nurturing classes.